Burisma Group, Ukraine’s leading private oil & gas producer with assets in Italy and Kazakhstan in partnership with HSH Prince  Albert II of Monaco (Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation) co-founded Europe’s largest international forum on “Energy Security for the Future: New sources, Responsibility, Sustainability”.

Held on June 2, 2016, in Monte Carlo, Monaco, the Forum established a firm foundation to drive tangible progress in the energy sector. With more than 200 guests in attendance, including European politicians, energy experts, journalists and owners of Europe’s largest energy companies, the Forum has already gained recognition as the most ambitious European project on energy security issues and promotion of alternative energy sources.


The Forum was inaugurated by His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. In his opening address, HSH stressed the importance of promoting alternative energy sources and called this year’s theme “crucial” for global and European energy security.


“Energy security planning has to be done in a long-term perspective. We should pay more attention to the renewable energy sources that would enable getting cheap energy without polluting the environment”, – admitted the Prince of Monaco Albert II.

Among speakers were such reputable European politicians as Aleksander Kwaśniewski (President of Poland, 1995-2005), Joschka Fischer (Vice-Chancellor of Germany, 1998-2005), Andris Piebalgs (EU Commissioner for Energy, 2004 and 2009), TJ Glautier (US Vice-Secretary of Energy, 1999-2001, President of TJG Energy Associates), Hunter Biden (Independent director at Burisma), Ireneusz Bil (Director at Aleksander Kwaśniewski’s Foundation “Amicus Europae”), Jean-Arnold Vinois (European Commission representative on Energy Policy issues) and other honored guests.


“Traditionally, energy security is seen as a part of political security. Today, it is very important for Ukraine to cooperate with Europe, and the progress in this field has already been made. Ukraine has a huge potential in using renewable energy sources”, – admitted Joschka Fischer.


Speakers expressed their support for Ukraine and Europe, on their way to energy independence and renewable energy development.

“It is such a unique occasion, when a Forum managed to unite different people of different social status over the idea of energy security in Europe. International Forum, organized by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Burisma Group, isn’t just an attempt to attract socially responsible businesses and civil society to address this issue, it’s also an opportunity to provide a discussion platform for a wide range of ideas, which will result in a comprehensive, long-term and substantial work on a new strategy for energy security in Europe”, – admitted Nikolay Zlochevskyi, businessman and the president of the Burisma Group.

According to Aleksander Kwaśniewski, independent director of Burisma, the subject of energy security is relevant for Ukraine and the whole world. Lack of energy can make some countries vulnerable and become a XXI century weapon for others.

“The topic of the Forum is very important, as energy is a key factor not only today, but it will also remain a key factor in the future. The modern history is changing as fast as never before. I hope that Burisma will continue to support such initiatives”, – admitted Aleksander Kwaśniewski.

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“It is the first European initiative on energy security, and one of its main tasks will be alternative energy sources promotion. Being the largest independent gas producer in Ukraine, the company found itself on the European “front line” when facing political and economic dependence on one energy supplier. Besides, Burisma is a socially responsible company which actively invests in the development of new and clean energy producing technologies. Today, our competences in drilling deep wells enables to successfully provide Europeans with cheap and clean energy on an industrial scale”, – says Vadym Pozharskyi, Advisor to the Board of Directors at Burisma.


The Energy Security Forum also served as a platform for presenting the English edition of “Mission Ukraine”, a book written by the Polish author Maciej Olchawa. The publication reflects the vision of the European Community and Ukraine’s place in it and reveals new interesting details of the Cox-Kwasniewski Mission that played a pivotal role during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine.

Particular attention in the book is given to the European integration issues, Ukraine’s place in Europe and the world, modern leaders and the birth of new political elites. The book also suggests a new strategy of the international EU policies from the perspective of Ukrainian events.


Within the event Energy Security for the Future: New sources, Responsibility, Sustainability Aleksander Kwaśniewski and Maciej Olchawa presented the book “Mission Ukraine”, followed by the book signing session and promised to publish the Ukrainian edition of the book.

The guests were welcomed by the world’s leading tenor Jonas Kaufmann. Together with a virtuoso pianist Stellario Fagone, they performed famous arias of Giacomo Puccini and Giuseppe Verdi.

According to Nikolay Zlochevskyi, the Forum will become an annual event. It is symbolic that this European initiative brought together both EU politicians and politicians from the countries that don’t make part of the European Union yet, but that are ready to develop a common security strategy.

Burisma is an independent oil & gas producer, with assets in Ukraine, Italy and Kazakhstan. Since its launch in 2002, the company has rapidly become one of the largest independent gas producers in the country with annual gas production volume of circa 1.5 billion cubic meters, and a market share of 30%. The main activities of Burisma Group include exploration and production, services and geothermal energy. By the end of 2016, the company plans to increase its gas production volumes up to 1,8 billion cubic meters.