Close cooperation of Ukraine with Europe is very important in order to achieve political security in the energy sector. This was announced by Joschka Fischer, a german politician, at the Forum on Energy Security – Energy Security for the Future: New sources, Responsibility, Sustainability, which took place on June 2 in Monte Carlo (Monaco) upon joint initiative of Burisma’s co-owner Nicholay Zlochevskyi and Prince Albert II of Monaco.


According to the Vice-Chancellor of Germany (1998-2005), Joschka Fischer, energy security in Europe is traditionally seen as a part of political security.

“Today, the close cooperation of Ukraine with Europe is very important; progress in this field has already been made. Ukraine has to diversify its energy sources more vigorously and develop renewable energy sources, which have an enormous potential due to geographical location and environmental factors,” – admitted Joschka Fischer. The development of new technological directions will allow Ukraine to occupy an important position in the European energy community.

The development of new facilities based on alternative renewable energy sources will allow the country not only to ensure the political independence, but also to become an energy hub in the region – admitted the politician.

Energy Security Forum also became a platform for the presentation of the English version of Mission Ukraine, a book, written by a Polish publicist, Maciej Olchawa, which reflects the vision of the European Community and Ukraine’s place in it. The publication reveals new interesting details of the Cox-Kwasniewski Mission, which played a key role during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. Particular attention in the book is devoted to the issues of European integration, Ukraine’s place in Europe and the world, modern leaders and new political elites formation. The book also suggests a new strategy of the EU international politics from the perspective of the Ukrainian events.

Within the event Energy Security for the Future: New sources, Responsibility, Sustainability Aleksander Kwaśniewski presented the book Mission Ukraine, together with the author they held an autograph session and promised to publish an Ukrainian version of the book.

“It is such a unique occasion, when a Forum managed to unite different people of different social status over the idea of energy security in Europe. International Forum, organized by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Burisma Group, isn’t just an attempt to attract socially responsible businesses and civil society to address this issue, it’s also an opportunity to provide a discussion platform for a wide range of ideas, which will result in a comprehensive, long-term and substantial work on a new strategy for energy security in Europe”, – admitted Nikolay Zlochevskyi, businessman and the president of the Burisma Group.